VL1/B1 Vehicle Hearing Loop Kit

A powerful hearing loop system ideal for use in cars, taxis, buses and other private/commercial vehicles.

  • Kit includes a compact mini-induction loop amplifier with keyholes for dashboard mounting, a cigarette lighter power adaptor, an AMT microphone, a pre-formed loop and an ‘AFILS fitted’ sticker.
  • Amplifier operates at 12V d.c. (24V vehicle kit also available, order code VL1/B2).
  • Loop can be positioned in the vehicle’s roof lining, under a seat, across the back of a seat or in a door panel to suit the application.
  • Metal compensation control helps combat the frequency response problems caused by metal ‘absorbing’ the magnetic field
  • Optional VL9 lead available for connection to the vehicle’s audio system.
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK.


Induction Loop Type:
Specialist Loops (A7). Dash mounting. 12V or 24V dependent on kit purchased.
W 120 x H 31 x D 60mm; 220g
1 x 3.5mm remote mic. socket; 1 x Line.
Input level; power on; loop current.
Mic. input level, line input level; loop drive, metal compensation
Kit variants
VL1/B1 12V Kit: VL1 amplifier; TX2 pre-formed loop; AMT microphone; AL8 Fused cigarette lighter power adaptor; 'AFILS fitted' sticker.
VL1/B2 24V Kit: VL1 amplifier; TX2 pre-formed loop; AMT microphone; VL1PSU24 24V to 12V convertor; AL7 2.5mm DC power plug to bare end lead; 'AFILS fitted' sticker.

Specific References


Assistive Listening Systems

An overview of SigNET's assistive listening systems - DML055800 Rev 1

Download (4.51MB)

AFILS Test Certificate

Test Certificate for AFILS - DCM0004008 Rev 0

Download (387.76KB)

VL1 Vehicle Loop Instructions

VL1 Vehicle Loop Instructions - DCM0003479 Rev1

Download (2.39MB)

VL1 Quick Start Guide

VL1 Vehicle Loop Quick Start Guide - DCP0003508 Rev 0

Download (306.92KB)

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