Infrared Listening Systems

Introducing ListenIR, a quality infrared assistive listening system to complement SigNET's extensive range of audio frequency hearing loop systems. Ideal for use in areas where strict privacy and zero overspill is a must (courtrooms, schools with multiple classrooms etc), ListenIR comprises a powerful yet unobtrusive range of infrared transmitters, expansion radiators and listening receivers, making it the perfect choice for any application where reliable and effective ‘line of sight’ coverage is a must.


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  • LT-84 ListenIR Infrared Transmitter

    • An affordable, effective, and expandable IR transmitter ideal for use in small to mid-size spaces such as classrooms, courtrooms, boardrooms, and more
    • Multiple frequency options offer additional flexibility and simplify installation and setup
    • Offers gapless line of sight coverage of up to 2,787m2 (dependent on the number of LA-141 expansion radiators used).
    • One-cable design utilizes a single CAT-5e cable to carry both power and signal to LA-141 expansion radiators
    • Max four LA-141 expansion radiators per LT-84
  • ListenIR Infrared Receiver

    • A compact high performance IR receiver offering best-in-class sensitivity and range.
    • Includes connections for an LA-430 neck loop c/w with DSP loop driver for use with hearing aids to provide an enhanced listening experience.
    • Smallest device of its kind – easy to wear and use and for venues to dispense, store and maintain.
    • OLED display shows channel, battery status, channel status, volume level and more.
    • Lanyard and belt clip options offer convenient and discreet choices for the end user.
    • Advanced rechargeable battery technology eliminates the costs and hassles associated with frequent battery replacement.
    • Designed for single-channel applications.
    • Charging options include the LA-423-02 4-Port USB Charger and the LA-381-02 12-way ‘drop-in’ Charging Tray.
  • ListenIR Neck Loop

    • A high quality neck loop c/w with DSP loop driver for use with an LR-4200-IR infrared receiver.
    • Allows people wearing a telecoil-equipped hearing aid to listen to the signal generated from a ListenIR infrared assistive listening system.
    • Flat frequency response and IEC60118-4 compliant field strength generation helps provide a clear and reliable listening experience.
    • Includes an integrated 3.5mm earphone jack.