Disabled Refuge & Fire Telephone Systems

Our SigTEL 4-224 line emergency voice communication system is ideal for use in all disabled refuge and fire telephone applications.

In disabled refuge applications, it allows people who cannot easily evacuate a building to communicate with a central control point during a fire emergency. In fire telephone applications, it allows building management, the emergency services and fire marshals to communicate with each other before, during and after a fire.

The system comprises a range of low-cost wall-mounting Controllers which can handle 4, 8 or 16 lines. For larger systems, an optional network communication card can be used to interlink up to 14 Controllers to increase line capacity to up to 224 lines. An easy to use desk controller is also available to simplify call handling on larger installations.

Ideal for hotels, shopping malls, office blocks, transport terminals, banks, sports stadiums, entertainment complexes, etc., SigTEL is fully monitored, extremely cost-effective and exceeds the requirements of BS 5839 part 9 when correctly installed.


Active filters

  • SigTEL 4-244 Line Controllers

    • Compact 4, 8 or 16 line wall-mounting controllers to save valuable space in crowded control rooms.
    • Powerful networking facility allows up to 14 controllers to be interlinked allowing systems of up to 224 lines (requires ECU722 or ECU723 network cards).
    • Optional anti-tamper glazed/stainless steel enclosures for use with controllers located in areas accessible to the public.
    • Compatible with SigTEL Type A (FireTelephone) outstations, SigTEL Type B (Disabled Refuge) outstations and ECU-244 desk controllers.
    • Auto-learn facility allows quick system set up.
    • Outstations can be named/edited using the buttons on a controller or via an optional PC programming configurator.
    • Fully monitored hardware and software.
    • System operates at 24 VDC. In the event of mains failure, operation can be maintained for 24 hours (standby) and 3 hours (in use) using 2 x 12V 7 Ahr batteries.
    • Can be easily interfaced to accessible toilet alarm systems, hearing loop systems, strobes, beacons or CCTV activation relays.
  • SigTEL 224 Line Desk Controller

    • An attractively designed desk controller (ECU-224) for use with our SigTEL emergency voice communication system.
    • Simplifies call-handling on larger SigTEL fire telephone or disabled refuge installations.
    • Must be connected to an ECU-4, 8 or 16 master controller via an ECU-723 interface/network card - see wiring schematic for further details.
    • Optional sloping wall mounting shelf available (order code ECUWMB).
    • An optional CATCON wall connection plate/adaptor box is available to convert fire-rated cable to Cat 5 (see Attachments tab for details)
  • SigTEL Disabled Refuge Outstations

    • A range of stylishly designed flush and surface mounting 'Type B' disabled refuge outstations for use with our SigTEL emergency voice communication system.
    • Stylishly finished in tough, durable green steel or brushed stainless steel.
    • Allows anyone located in a disabled refuge area to communicate with a SigTEL Controller at the touch of a button (and vice versa).
    • Offers true duplex speech.
    • Features a 'Push to Call or Answer' button, a 'Call in Progress' LED, buzzer, microphone and loudspeaker.
    • Includes connections for a hearing loop system and a general-purpose open collector output that closes on activation of the unit. 
    • An IP65 rated enclosure can be used with surface mounting Type B outstations for use in external areas.
    • All devices meet and exceed the requirements of BS 5839-9 when correctly installed.
  • SigTEL Fire Telephone Outstations

    • A range of new-look surface mounting 'Type A' fire telephone outstations for use with our SigTEL emergency voice communication system.
    • 'Push-to-open' and 'lockable' options (lockable version includes a 'lift key'
    • Ideal for use in fire telephone and stadium marshalling applications.
    • Allows stewards and fire marshals to communicate with a SigTEL Controller (and vice versa).
    • Facilitates reliable two-way communication in a fire emergency between a permanently manned control room and key points of a site.
    • True duplex speech.
    • Both versions can be 'flush' mounted using a T-BEZ302 bezel.
    • All devices meet and exceed the requirements of BS 5839-9 when correctly installed.
  • SigTEL Testers & Accessories

    • A wide range of cost-effective accessories are available for use with our SigTEL 4-224 line emergency voice communication system.

    Options include:

    • A battery-operated line tester (to simplify installation and commissioning).
    • A programming configurator (to speed up the naming/editing of extensions).
    • A blue strobe (to provide visual indication of an incoming call).
    • A hearing loop system (to assist the hard of hearing).
    • An accessible toilet alarm system (to allow communication to take place in accessible toilet areas).