PDA103S Domestic Loop Kit

  • Includes everything you need to create a high quality domestic hearing loop system for bedrooms, living rooms, TV lounges and studies up to 50m2 in size (7m x 7m)
  • PDA103 amplifier includes a 3.5mm microphone input, a line level input, a digital 'TOS' link connector for connection to TV sets (TV set connection requires separately available TOS-link cable. See main instructions for further details).
  • APL outreach plate also supplied for connection to audio sources.
  • Metal compensation control helps improve intelligibility in rooms with high metal content
  • Adjustable mic, line level, 'digital' and 'outreach' controls.
  • Drive (level) control allows the amplifier's output stage to be set-up to suit the exact characteristics of the application.
  • State-of-the-art audio processor features an automatic gain control which compensates for poor microphone techniques and helps suppress loud noises, hisses and clicks
  • Limit, Peak, Loop Fault and Power On indicators
  • Designed to be wall-mounted using the keyholes provided
  • Meets and exceeds the requirements of BS7594 and EN60118-4 when correctly installed


Hearing Loop Type:
Wall mountable. Plugtop mains lead supplied.
50m2 approx.
Amplifier dimensions:
W 135mm x H 130mm x D 35mm (including controls). Weight: 385g (amplifier only).
Kit box dimensions:
W 340 mm x H 250mm x D 70mm

Data sheet

Free-standing (supplied with IEC 320 fused mains lead) or Wall-mount (requires permanent connection to Mains)
200m2, i.e. rooms up to approx. 14m x 14m (PDA5/DD, PDA5/DW). 500m2, i.e. rooms up to approx. 22m x 22m (PDA7/DD, PDA7/DW). 1000m2, i.e. rooms up to approx. 31m x 31m (PDA11/DD, PDA11/DW)

Specific References


Assistive Listening Systems

An overview of SigNET's assistive listening systems - DML055800 Rev 1

Download (4.51MB)

AFILS Test Certificate

Test Certificate for AFILS - DCM0004008 Rev 0

Download (387.76KB)

PDA103 Instructions

PDA103C/L/R/S Installation & User Instructions - DAU0000103 Rev 7

Download (2.06MB)

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