midi-VES integrated PA/VA System to EN54-16/14

  • midi-VES is a scalable PA/VA system suitable for multi-purpose architectures.
  • Devices from the midi-VES series are compact Voice Alarm control units containing all components within one housing, which meets all the requirements of EN 54-16 and EN 54-4.
  • The concept of the system is based on high quality audio network distribution nodes equipped with two independent class D amplifiers with a power rating of 160W or 320W, which distribute 100V signals to 4, 8 or 16 speaker lines depending on type. The system also ensures operation of a backup amplifier for priority/emergency signals.
  • midi-VES control units are designed to be plug and play with all of the elements expected from a VA system including fire microphone, touchscreen for global control, DSP, programmable contact inputs/buttons, time scheduler, charger, battery mounting space and expandable memory space for messages, all in an IP30 chassis or dedicated 15U rack.
  • If networked, the system’s decentralized network concept means if one part of the system fails, the rest will continue operating normally without any interruption

midi-VES 8003LN, 8003LNR, 8003R, 8003LNR+8003R

No. of AB zones:
8 (8003LN; ); 8 (8003LNR); 8 (8003R);16 (8003LNR+8003R)
No. of speaker lines:
16 (8003LNR); 16 (8003LNR); 16 (8003R); 32 (8003LNR+8003R)
No. of control inputs:
7+2 (8003LN); 7+2 (8003LNR); 7 (8003R); 14+2 (8003LNR+8003R)
No of relay outputs:
3+2 (8003LN); 3+2 (8003LNR); 3 (8003R); 6+2 (8003LNR+8003R)
Relay switching current (max):
3A peak
Relay switching voltage (max):
50 V AC / DC peak
Relay switching power (max):
Total audio load of the system:
1500 W rms (8003LN); 1500 W rms (8003LNR); 1500 W rms (8003R); 3000 W rms (8003LNR+8003R)
No of amplifiers / power:
3 / 500 W (8003LN); 3 / 500 W (8003LNR); 3 / 500 W (8003R); 6 / 500 W (8003LNR+8003R)
Redundant amplifier:
Yes (all models)
No of messages played at the same time:
3 (8003LN); 3 (8003LNR); 3 (8003R); 6 (8003LNR+8003R)
Over-temperature, short circuit, overload, ground leakage
Battery working time:
30 hours + 30 minutes evacuation / 4 × 12 V VRLA batteries
IP Rating:
Operating conditions:
-5 to +45oC / 5% to 95% humidity with no condensation
23 kg (8003LN); 16.5kg (8003LNR); 16.5 kg (8003R); N/A (8003LNR+8003R)
Dimensions (WxHxD):
440 × 525 × 350 mm (8003LN); 440 × 176 × 354 mm (8003LNR); 440 × 176 × 354 mm (8003R); 600 × 765 × 600 m (8003LNR+8003R)
midi-VES PA/VA System

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midi-VES Brochure

midi-VES Integrated PA/VA Unit brochure - Uncontrolled Document

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