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SigNET has launched a new induction loop test kit specifically designed to simplify the set-up and testing of audio frequency induction loop systems (AFILS) to current British Standards.

Containing the UK’s first-ever dedicated AFILS handheld tester with a state-of-the-art digital display, the innovative new kit is a real bargain at just £215.15 trade.

Says SigNET’s Field Sales Manager, Tremayne Crossley: “AFILS must be carefully tested and calibrated prior to operation and the new FosMeter Pro is ideal for making sure that systems comply with the latest revision of EN 60118 part 4 – the European standard for magnetic field strength in audio-frequency induction loops for hearing aid purposes.”

According to Tremayne: “Using a Fosmeter Pro is the best way for an installer to accurately test the background noise, magnetic field strength and frequency response of an induction loop system. The fact that test results are clearly displayed in simple bar charts on the Fosmeter Pro’s easy-to-read LCD means ensuring compliance is easier than ever.”

The Fosmeter Pro also includes loop listening circuitry for carrying out subjective hearing tests.

Explains Tremayne: “Listening tests are a vital part of the test procedure as they can reveal that the output signal is distorted or too loud and therefore needs adjusting.”

Other features of the Fosmeter Pro include contrast adjustment and automatic ‘power off’ functions and a metal compensation test that goes way beyond the scope of current standards.

An eagerly-awaited addition to our extensive range of PDA Range induction loop amplifiers, the kit also includes an MP3 player pre-loaded with all the tones, music and speech tracks required for the tests plus easy to follow instructions, blank AFILS test certificates and a set of 32 Ohm headphones.

Available separately are a series of connection leads that allow the Kit’s MP3 player to be connected to our full range of induction loop amplifiers. These include the AL1 3.5mm jack lead (for use with our PL1, ML1 and PDA102 amplifiers), the AL2 double phono lead (for use with our DL50 amplifier), the AL3 bare-ended lead (for use with our PDA200E amplifier) and the AL4 6.5mm jack lead (for use with our PDA Pro-Range of amplifiers).

For further details, please contact our sales desk on 0844 800 1625 (or +44 191 417 4551 if calling from overseas).


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