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SigNET Outstations

Our popular SigTEL emergency voice communication system has got four new outstations – two for use in disabled refuge systems and two for use in fire telephone systems.

Our EVC302GS green disabled refuge outstation is surface mounting, strikingly bright, easy-to-clean and 10% cheaper than its stainless steel cousin. A flush version, the EVC302GF, is also available. Both versions facilitate two-way communication between disabled refuges and building control in the event of an emergency. Designed in direct response to customer demand, the new EVC302G, like SigNET’s other ‘Type B’ outstations, can also be connected to an induction loop system/CCTV camera or interfaced to a disabled persons’ toilet alarm system.

Our new-look EVC301RPO fire telephone outstation includes a telephone handset in a push-to-open red steel cabinet. A version with a ‘lift key’ locking mechanism (the EVC301RLK) is also available. Both can be surface or fully-flush mounted using a T-BEZ301 Bezel. Fire telephones are typically located at entrances and fire-fighting lobbies to allow fire marshals and fire and rescue personnel to communicate with building control during an emergency.


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