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New phase-shifting hearing loops

Phase Shift Amplifier

SigNET has launched an innovative new range of constant current, phase-shifting hearing loop amplifiers.

With an intuitive graphical interface designed to facilitate fast and simple system set-up of input levels, output current, phantom power and metal compensation, the new PRO5,7 and 11 range can cover areas up to 1000m2.

Available in free-standing or wall-mounting variants, the PRO range features Class D output stage for efficiency and superior audio processing and powerful CPU to provide life-like speech and first class music reproduction. The amplifier is also equipped with dual action automatic gain control to compensate for poor microphone technique and a digital optical ‘Toslink’ connector for easy connection to TVs. A fault relay and LCD display clear indication of operation and fault status.

Said Tremayne Crossley, SigNET’s Field Sales Manager: “The new PRO range is powerful, user-friendly and far superior to our old phased-shifting hearing loops with regards to design, features and functionality. Customer feedback has been excellent. We’ll also be launching some new non-phased-shifting professional amplifiers in the Spring.”


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