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Introducing the Williams AV range of Infrared Assistive Listening Systems

SigNET has changed its infrared system supplier to one of the world’s most respected manufacturers of infrared hearing assistance technology.

All of our infrared assistive listening systems now carry the Williams AV badge and we are sure you will be impressed with the range's quality, coverage and versatility.

Our audio expert Tremayne Crossley can assist you in putting together a system that meets your exact requirements in areas where an audio-frequency induction loop system may not be suitable such as in a listed building or where precise line-of-sight coverage with zero overspill is a must. In such applications, a SigNET/Williams AV system can ensure direct, clear speech delivery to the people that need it helping to maintain proprietary and confidential information.

Key items in the range include the IR T2 commercial-grade, medium-area infrared transmitter which provides a coverage area of up to 1,673m2 (approx. 18,000 sq.ft), the WIR RX22-4N Four Channel infrared receiver, the IR RX20 Infrared receiver and the NKL-001 Neck Loop. Information on all of these products can be found here.

If you would like to know more please do not hesitate to contract Tremayne on 07900 695767 or via email at


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