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Integrity Voice ALarm system at Carlisle United FC

SigNET’s revolutionary voice alarm system, Integrity, has been installed at Carlisle United Football Club.

The fully integrated 12-zone VA, PA and background music system saved the day after torrential rain and floods devastated the club’s life safety systems and left the stadium eight feet under water. With all electrical services including the fire alarm and voice alarm/public address system being damaged beyond repair, the race was on to get the life safety systems replaced cost-effectively and quickly.

In a project lasting just three weeks, the old system at the 16,981 capacity stadium was ripped out and replaced with Integrity, SigNET’s powerful voice alarm/high specification public address system.

Says Graham Bell of Solid State, the company which designed and installed the system: ‘We needed a voice alarm which was not only cost-effective but very easy-to-install given the tight deadlines involved and SigNET’s Integrity proved ideal for this type of installation.’

One of Integrity’s main advantages over other systems is its revolutionary simulator software that allows the routing and priorities of multiple audio sources to be set up and tested on a PC before the hardware is assembled. This was invaluable at Carlisle United as it enabled cause and effect scenarios and site evacuation strategies to be checked and approved by the Club before the equipment was purchased.

In addition, as Integrity can be connected to virtually any manufacturer’s fire detection system via monitored links from its sounder circuits, the system could be interfaced with four very cost-effective C-TEC networkable analogue addressable XFP fire alarm control panels. One panel is housed in the CBS stand, two are housed in the West Stand and one is sited in the Match Day control room. Over three hundred Apollo XP95 devices ranging from Optical smoke detectors to input/output units controlling roller shutters are also connected to the networked system.

In the event of an emergency, Integrity’s ten 400W amplifiers will broadcast information and directions to spectators. All announcements are preceded by a three-tone chime to alert people that an announcement is about to be made. At each match, an example of the alert is sounded with a pre-recorded custom message just before kick-off and at half-time to ensure people are familiar with the sound. Pre-recorded safety messages are also played at every match.


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