PRO/SW Professional Loop Amps

A range of high performance wall-mounting constant current loop amplifiers.

  • Intuitive graphical interface allows simple set-up of input levels, output current, phantom power and metal compensation.
  • 200m2, 500m2 or 1000m2 coverage (model dependent).
  • 1 x mic with switchable phantom power input and 1 x line input.
  • Outreach connector allows up to 10 of our revolutionary audio input utility plates to be added
  • Anti-tamper lock function prevents unauthorised adjustment of system settings
  • Class D output stage for maximum efficiency and very high output
  • Superior analogue audio processing with a powerful CPU and cutting-edge technology provide life-like speech and frst class music reproduction
  • Short circuit protection against loop faults for increased reliability
  • Fault relay & graphical display provide clear indication of operation and fault status
  • Industry leading dual action automatic gain control compensates for poor microphone technique
  • Line level output for recording or daisy-chaining multiple units to cover larger areas.
  • Exceeds the requirements of PD IEC TR 63079 & EN 60118-4 when correctly installed and complies with EN 62368-1.
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK.


Induction Loop Type:
Perimeter (A3). Wall mounting
200m2 (PRO5/SW); 500m2 (PRO7/SW); 1000m2 (PRO11/SW)
W 308 x H 298 x D 74mm.
Construction & finish:
Mild steel zintec, 1mm thick, black powder coated, IP40
1 x Mic with switchable 12V phantom power, 1 x line, 1 x Outreach connector
Graphical display with level, peak and limit indicators, Mic, 12V, Line, Metal, Outreach, Lock, Loop, Fault, Hot and Power
Line Input, Microphone, 12V Phantom, Outreach, Metal Compensation, Loop


200m2 Professional Wall-Mounting Hearing Loop Amplifier - 4.75 Amp
500m2 Professional Wall-Mounting Hearing Loop Amplifier - 7.5 Amp
1000m2 Professional Wall-Mounting Hearing Loop Amplifier - 11 Amp

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