SigTEL Fire Telephone Outstations

  • A range of surface mounting 'Type A' fire telephone outstations for use with our SigTEL emergency voice communication system.
  • 'Push-to-open' and 'lockable' options (lockable version includes a 'lift key'
  • Ideal for use in fire telephone and stadium marshalling applications.
  • Allows stewards and fire marshals to communicate with a SigTEL Controller (and vice versa).
  • Facilitates reliable two-way communication in a fire emergency between a permanently manned control room and key points of a site.
  • True duplex speech.
  • Both versions can be 'flush' mounted using a T-BEZ302 bezel.
  • All devices meet and exceed the requirements of BS 5839-9 when correctly installed.


Input voltage (from controller)
5 VDC in use, 10.7 VDC quiescent
Current consumption @ 24 VDC
25 mA in use, 3 mA quiescent
Frequency response
250 Hz to 5 kHz ±3 dB (microphone); 250 Hz to 4 kHz ±3 dB (earpiece)
Audio output level
0 dB (775 mV) balanced line level
Lifting telephone handset makes unit Off Hook
EVC301RPO / EVC301RLK Dimension/Weight
W 202 x H 278 x D 1005mm; 3Kg
T-BEZ301 Dimensions/Weight
W 244 x H 320 x D20mm; 0.5kg
Physical appearance Red
Sigtel Fire Telephone Outstations

Specific References


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Order Codes

Red fire telephone outstation, c/w handset (push to open
Red fire telephone outstation, c/w handset (key lockable)
Red flush bezel for EVC301RPO & EVC301RLK