SigTEL 4-244 Line Controllers

  • Compact 4, 8 or 16 line wall-mounting controllers to save valuable space in crowded control rooms.
  • Powerful networking facility allows up to 14 controllers to be interlinked allowing systems of up to 224 lines (requires ECU722 or ECU723 network cards).
  • Optional anti-tamper glazed/stainless steel enclosures for use with controllers located in areas accessible to the public.
  • Compatible with SigTEL Type A (FireTelephone) outstations, SigTEL Type B (Disabled Refuge) outstations and ECU-244 desk controllers.
  • Auto-learn facility allows quick system set up.
  • Outstations can be named/edited using the buttons on a controller or via an optional PC programming configurator.
  • Fully monitored hardware and software.
  • System operates at 24 VDC. In the event of mains failure, operation can be maintained for 24 hours (standby) and 3 hours (in use) using 2 x 12V 7 Ahr batteries.
  • Can be easily interfaced to accessible toilet alarm systems, hearing loop systems, strobes, beacons or CCTV activation relays.

Power Supply

Mains supply
230 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Power supply output 1
24 VDC
Power supply output 2
Output current @ 24 VDC
0.5 A max
Supply and batteries monitored for failure
Standby battery requirements (size and type)
2 x 12 V, 7 Ah VRLA (Valve Regulated Lead Acid) connected in series
Mains fuse 1 A (T)
20 mm HRC
Battery fuse 1 A (F)
20 mm
Max. current draw from battery (Mains failed)
500 mA (16 Type B outstations fitted (8 via an ECU-8S), one outstation connected, 15 outstations calling in)

Line Specification

Max. number of lines
4 on ECU-4 controller; 8 on ECU-8 or ECU-8NT controller; 16 on ECU-16 controller
Number of outstations per line
1 (all lines are monitored for open and short circuit faults)
Outstation cabling requirements
2 core 1mm2 or 1.5mm2 enhanced fire rated cable, up to 1km per line. Max cable resistance = 40 ohms

Output ratings

OP1, OP2, OP3 open collector outputs
24 V, 50 mA max
Change-over relay
30 V, 1 A max
24 V output
200 mA max

Indicators, controls and physical appearance

External indicators
LCD display, Disablement, System fault, PSU fault, General fault, Power On
External controls
Handset (ECU-4, 8 & 16 only), Scroll up, Scroll down, Hold, Call/Accept, Function, Directory, Silence Buzzer
Internal controls
Engineer mode button, Reset button
W 412 x H 250 x D 80mm (base); W 435 x H 269 x D 11mm (lid); 3.1kg
Physical appearance
Lid and base RAL7305 (Grey texture), label background Pantone 429C

Network Specification

Controls & indicators
Handset and control pad featuring 16 buttons, Green LCD
Physical appearance
Red handset and body, Label is Pantone 432C dark grey and Pantone 10CV light grey
Dimensions & Weight
W 305 x H 110 (includes handset) D 235mm; 1.97kg
SigTEL 4-244 Line Controllers

Specific References


SigTEL Installation Manual

SigTEL Installation Manual - DAU0000091 Rev 6

Download (4.02MB)

SigTEL Operator Instructions

SigTEL Operator Instructions - DAU0000092 Rev 4

Download (1.52MB)

SigTEL Quick Start Guide

SigTEL Quick Start Guide - DAU0000093 Rev 4

Download (627.13KB)

SigTEL Sales Brochure

SigTEL 1-224 Line EVC System - DML05351000 Rev 5.

Download (2.53MB)

Order Codes

4 Line SigTEL Controller c/w handset & display. Max 2 x 7Ah batteries
8 Line SigTEL Controller c/w handset & display. Max 2 x 7Ah batteries
16 Line SigTEL Controller c/w handset & display. Max 2 x 7Ah batteries
8 Line SigTEL Controller c/w display (no handset). Max 2 x 7Ah batteries
Network communication card (allows up to 4 ECU-4, 8, 16 or 8NT’s to be interlinked)
Network communication card for adding ECU-224 to system
PC programming software, configurator and mini-USB lead for ECU-4 & 8
Grey flush bezel for ECU-4, 8 or 8NT controllers
Stainless steel anti-tamper enclosure for ECU-4, 8, 16 or 8NT controllers
Cam lock kit for BF359/3D stainless steel enclosure
Electromagnetic solenoid lock kit for BF359/3D stainless steel enclosure

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