SigTEL Testers & Accessories

  • A wide range of cost-effective accessories are available for use with our SigTEL 4-224 line emergency voice communication system.

Options include:

  • A battery-operated line tester (to simplify installation and commissioning).
  • A programming configurator (to speed up the naming/editing of extensions).
  • A blue strobe (to provide visual indication of an incoming call).
  • A hearing loop system (to assist the hard of hearing).
  • An accessible toilet alarm system (to allow communication to take place in accessible toilet areas).

Part Number/Key Features

FiTT Line Tester

  • A must-have commissioning tool
  • Allows cable faults to be checked and cleared prior to equipment connection
  • Supplied with a 9V PP3 alkaline battery
  • Includes all of the test cables and connectors you need

EVC423 Programming Configurator

  • Facilitates quick and easy editing of outstation/extension names via a Windows-compatible PC
  • Includes a software CD, configurator and mini USB to master controller connection lead
  • Set up can be saved to, and from, a PC

XSB Blue Xenon Strobe

  • an be interfaced to a Type A or Type B outstation to provide visual indication of incoming calls
  • Each strobe requires an SDM Driver Module & 12V 1A PSU

SDM Driver Module

  • Designed to connect across an outstation's line to sense when it is ringing and activate an XSB strobe
  • Can switch up to 1A
  • Requires an external 12V 1A PSU

NC951 Accessible Toilet Alarm Kit

  • Includes everything required for a BS8300 compliant emergency assistance alarm
  • Easily interfaced to a SigTEL master controller or Type B outstation via its volt-free relay contacts

ML1/K1 Hearing Loop Kit

  • A cost-effective induction loop system easily interfaced to a Type B outstation's loop connectors
  • Exceeds the magnetic field strength requirements of BS EN60118-4 when the loop is correctly installed at ceiling or floor height (exact location will depend on the application and building)
  • Helps facilitate compliance with the Equality Act
SigTEL Testers & Accessories

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SigTEL Sales Brochure

SigTEL 1-224 Line EVC System - DML05351000 Rev 5.

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