Voice Alarm Systems

SigNET is the exclusive UK distributor of RCF's innovative range of EN54-16 and EN54-24 certified digital voice alarm systems for the fire and security sector.

Two solutions are available: the DXT 3000 and the DXT 9000.

Designed for wall mounting, the DXT 3000 is an intelligent 'plug-and-play' wall mounting voice alarm solution for small to medium sized projects where EN54-16 compliance is required. Ideal for supermarkets, schools, offices and more, it represents a practical solution for integrating an existing music and PA system with a voice-only emergency evacuation system.

The DXT 9000 is a medium to large range of configurable EN54-16 compliant voice alarm solutions. Versatile and completely scalable, it is suitable for a host of applications, from small schools or hotels to large campuses with multiple buildings.

A number of legacy SigNET-manufactured voice alarm systems are also available – LinX, Integrity and SigNET LS


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  • DXT3000 Compact VA System

    DXT3000 Scaleable Compact VA system to EN54-16 and EN54-4

    • An intelligent ‘plug-and-play’ wall mounting VA solution for small to medium sized applications where EN54-16 compliance is required.
    • Includes a digital DSP-based master unit equipped with up to 6 Class D+ power amplifiers able to provide up to 250W on 100V or 70V speaker lines.
  • DXT9000 Medium to Large VA System

    DXT9000 Medium to Large VA system to EN54-16 & EN54-4

    • A completely scaleable and versatile range of configurable EN54-16 compliant VA solutions.
    • Flexible digital system architecture with Ethernet connection to the outside world.
    • Centralised or distributed configurations.
  • LinX Sound System to EN60849

    LinX is a highly cost-effective all-in-one, pre-wired and ready-to-use single zone sound system for emergency purposes.

    Based on SigNET’s powerful iX LS six input prioritised mixer, LinX includes all the features of larger life-safety VA/PA systems in a compact wall-mounting swing frame rack.

    The system is supplied with an FM1 emergency microphone (connected at input priority 1) and an SVMP2 digital message store (connected at input priorities 2 and 3). Three spare inputs (4, 5 and 6) are also provided for the connection of optional paging and background music sources.

    Two versions of LinX are available, a 400 Watt version with 2 x 200W amplifiers and an 800 Watt version with 4 x 200W amplifiers for the connection of 100V loudspeakers (not supplied). The required number of VRLA standby batteries and a monitored fire alarm interface are provided with both versions.

  • Integrity Sound System to EN60849

    Integrity is a feature-packed, fully integrated 2-64 Zone Emergency Sound, PA and BGM system suitable for use in applications of up to sixteen loudspeaker zones. Combining an emergency sound system with a high specification public address system, Integrity can be connected to trigger systems via monitored links from its sounder circuits.

    At the heart of Integrity is a 1U 19” rack mount mainframe containing all the logic, routing and prioritising components for the system in a 17-slot card. Slot one contains the central processor card, leaving eight audio input and eight audio output slots. Cards fitted into the eight audio input slots can provide a variety of functions including zoned emergency microphones, emergency microphones, messages, contact inputs, zoned PA inputs and zoned music inputs. The audio output slots can accommodate either contact input cards or two zone audio output cards, allowing up to sixteen audio zones. A single paging console can control up to four Integrity Mainframe units allowing paging to up to 64 zones, ideal for high rise buildings, office blocks, sports stadia, etc.

    One of Integrity’s main advantages is its revolutionary simulator software that allows the routing and priorities of multiple audio sources to be set up and tested on a PC before assembling the hardware. This is especially useful as it allows the evacuation C&Es to be checked and approved before any equipment is purchased.

  • SigNET LS Sound System to EN60849

    SigNET LS is a highly sophisticated and effective distributed emergency sound, public address and background music system ideal for use in large or complex sites. At the heart of LS is a distributed matrix connected to a high-speed data network that allows amplifiers, trigger interface(s), audio inputs, and manual and automatic controllers to be distributed around site or for the whole system to be located centrally.

    The network utilises digitally stored messages resulting in the intelligibility and audibility critical for life safety systems. Messages suffer no interference or degradation over long distances, even when many buildings are linked on one network.

    Dual data-communication rings ensure the system continues to transmit signals and messages to every other part of the network in the event of a catastrophic failure at any one point and sophisticated disaster recovery cause and effects can be easily planned into the system.

    The modular all-master design of the system means that where a site is intended to expand in future, the minimum of equipment can be installed initially and then added to later. The system’s software allows rapid system re-configuration with the minimum of downtime, fault conditions can be observed on a PC screen and configuration alterations made whilst the site records are to hand.

  • Life Safety Amplifiers to EN60849

    The Pulse 2.200LS is a dual 200W 100V line amplifier.

    It contains two identical independent amplifier modules, each with one Main and one Aux. input. Routing logic allows the Main and Aux. inputs to mix; this allows the monitoring tone to pass at all times and the monitoring system to operate.

    Each module’s status is displayed on the front panel along with an output level bar graph and status indicators.

    All sections of the amplifier and charger are constantly monitored for faults or abnormal operation.

    The load monitoring system also provides an output to drive a ‘hot swap’ automatic amplifier replacement system, via the HSP port, on failure of the amplifier only. Should a load fail short or open circuit but the amplifier is still OK, the hot swap output will not operate. This means that any loudspeakers that can be driven will operate and leaves the hot swap amplifier available for use on another potential failure.

    The output from each module is presented on a three-way socket and is fully floating. The standard output voltages are 50V and 100V, allowing two amplifier modules to be connected in series to give 400W at 100V line.

  • Racks & Accessories

    SigNET is one of the most professional voice alarm rack-building organisations in the UK.

    Should you purchase a complete rack-mounted VA system from us, all of its internal connectors will be pre-assembled and tested prior to despatch and all external connections will be made to clearly labelled DIN terminals.

    On floor-mounted racks, external connections will be installed in a top-mounted connection chamber that ensures complete cable segregation.

    Please contact our sales desk for further information.

  • Loudspeakers & Ancillaries

    A wide range of general voice alarm ancillaries are available from SigNET including:

    • Background music sources (such as rack-mounting CD players, cassette players and tuners)
    • 5V and 12V four input relays
    • 100V to line level convertors
    • PABX dial up interfaces
    • Hotswap modules
    • Tone generators & Programmable timer units

    See the full part number listing below for further details.